Are Allergens Contaminating Your Indoor Air?

Find out with air quality testing in Decatur, GA

It's easy to blame the pollen outside when you start experiencing eye and sinus irritation. But the problem could be your indoor air. You can make sure your indoor air is safe and clean with air quality testing from Atlanta Health and Safety, LLC.

Our air quality company has worked with the Environmental Protection Agency for 15 years and has the skills and experience to thoroughly test your home. We'll find out if there are potentially harmful allergens in your air or on your furniture and floors. Schedule air quality testing in Decatur, GA today.

How an air quality test can help

What do you do after you find out your air is contaminated? Our air quality test will give you the information you need to take corrective action, such as...

  • Replacing carpets with hard floors that are less likely to trap contaminants and easier to keep clean
  • Performing mold remediation to fix damp, dark areas like your crawl space, basement or attic
  • Removing or replacing items that collect and spread allergens like soft furniture, unprotected mattresses and unwashable pillows or bedding
  • Improving the ventilation throughout your home to help keep your air as fresh as possible

Contact our air quality company at 470-650-5663 to get started.