When Should You Test For Mold?

Don't Let Mold Live In Your Home

Consider air quality testing in Decatur, GA

Mold can grow in the darkest corners of your home, becoming a stubborn and dangerous problem. Since mold often grows in spaces like attics and basements, it's not always easy to discover. But is air quality testing worth the time, effort and money?

If you're not sure when you should test for mold, contact Atlanta Health and Safety, LLC. You can discuss your concerns with our mold experts during a free consultation in the Decatur, GA
area. We'll let you know if air quality testing makes sense for your specific situation.

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When you should definitely test for mold

It can make sense to test for mold, even if you aren't experiencing any allergy symptoms. Our air quality company recommends mold testing if...

  • Your house has recently suffered water damage from a flood, leak or sewage backup
  • You're buying or selling a house and want to make sure it's safe and mold-free
  • You smell a musty odor or see dark streaks that look like mold

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