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The presence of mold is of no surprise to many of us - this is the south; it is hot and humid. Add the fact that Georgia has more inches of rainfall per year than Seattle and you get a prime environment for mold growth.

If you called and inquired about the potential for mold in your home or facility, the answer would be "yes" - we all do; mold is a part of our environment, a part of life. Unless you live within a sterile environment, mold will be present.

The better question is "Do I have a high or above normal level of mold in my home/school/work? Where is the impacted area and how significant is the growth?"

Atlanta Health and Safety, LLC can help. We are trained and certified in sampling and, most importantly, data interpretation. It's not just knowing you have mold present, but what type of mold and how much is present.

Note that Atlanta Health and Safety, LLC is not an abatement or remediation company. We do not perform the removal of mold-impacted materials. There is no advantage for us to advise upon if your home is normal or highly impacted. Our job is to help identify if you do have a mold concern and then try to determine where and to what extent. We will also provide you with documentation to provide to your insurance agent or abatement company, should you need one.

If requested, after your home or facility has been abated by another company, we can return and perform a clearance test to determine if the abatement service has been completed as designed.

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If you notice mold growing at your home in Decatur, GA, you need to act fast. If left unchecked, mold can cause serious health problems for you and your family. Turn to the professionals at Atlanta Health and Safety, LLC for mold testing services right away.

Our owner has more than 15 years of experience and can examine your property from top to bottom. We offer both air quality testing and wall cavity testing. You can count on us to provide top-tier testing services.

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