Mold Impacted Home

An unoccupied apartment, a broken water pipe, hot and humid conditions, the central air system is off and a few dormant mold spores ready to grow wild. In addition, this unit was on the third floor. The two units directly below were also unoccupied. The water leak and mold growth spread throughout all three units.

The insurance company required a CIH perform the initial and post investigations. Atlanta Health and Safety, LLC was there to meet the needs of the client and demands of the insurance company.

Safety Audits and Training

Machines like this are relics from the past that are still used today. Many similar machines were created before the government established worker safety rules and laws which are enforced by OSHA today.

If you need help with your OSHA safety program or training, contact us to help before someone is injured. An established training program from an authorized OSHA instructor may help to improve your insurance rating and give you peace of mind.

Do you know if your facility is up to date?

Pathogen - Disinfectant Application

Whether it's coronavirus, norovirus, or the common cold or flu, pathogens like these can impact your health.

A certified Industrial Hygienist will review your concerns and needs and match the correct US EPA-approved disinfectant to your site. We will consider the occupants, the types of surface materials that have been impacted, the appropriate applicator, and the pathogen of concern.

Atlanta Health and Safety, LLC uses the Cleaning Industry Research Institute's guidelines to provide an effective treatment.

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Environmental Surveys
(Dust Particulates, Auditory, VOCs and more)

Danger comes in many forms, many of which you cannot detect with your senses alone. It is important to know which instruments to use and which analytical tests to perform to get the answers you need. That's where an experienced scientist can help.

Atlanta Health and Safety, LLC is your one-stop Environmental Consultant that can provide you with answers and supporting data.

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